Timber Products

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions produces hardwood timber products from eucalyptus trees grown in Canterbury.

We specialise in solid timber flooring. Price for solid timber Eucalyptus flooring is from $75 per square metre.

Helping you to experience the pleasure of enhancing your living environment with wood.

Main timber species:

• Eucalyptus
• Acacia
• Poplar
• Macrocarpa (cut to customers’ preferred size)

Machined timber:

• Tongue and groove flooring
• Parquet flooring
• Skirting boards and mouldings.

Laminated timber:

• Benchtops
• Stair treads
• Tables

Milled timber:

• Outdoor above-ground use
• Timber for fine furniture
• Decking
• Yard rails
• Bridges.

Use New Zealand-grown hardwoods

Eucalyptus timber floor.

Stained Eucalyptus timber floor.

Examples of variety of stains for flooring

Display office

Timber samples

Macrocarpa slabs

Eucalyptus timber benchtop.

Laminated ironbark panels

Laminated blackwood panels

Eucalyptus fence rails.

Eucalyptus veneer.

Laminated Eucalyptus benchtop.

Eucalyptus panelling.

Eucalyptus yard rails.

Acacia table.

Eucalyptus nitens.

Macrocarpa beams.

Post cut eight sides.

Eucalyptus furniture.

Eucalyptus furniture.

White washed Eucalyptus floor.

Railway sleepers sawn into feature appearance timber.

Eucalyptus nitens tongue and groove flooring product

Eucalyptus milled for farm rails

Eucalyptus milled for farm rails

Fiddleback eucalyptus

Hardwood stakes

Eucalyptus nitens table